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    The printed circuit boards design is the important thing during creation or assembly process ...
  • PCB Assembly Service

    In assembly the bare board is populated with electronic components to form...


About Us

Zhengte Electronics Company Limited. is a professional PCB manufacturer located in Shenzhen,China . Proving PCB Assembly service, and some of the most advanced PCB technology & convenient services applied in the industry: Full Spec PCBs, Small Quantity – Quick Turn PCBs, Custom Spec – Quick Turn PCBs,Highly Specialized Precision PCBs...

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Tel.: 0086-755-25585656 ext.801
Fax: 0086-755-86036011

ADD: Room505, Yousong Technology Building, Donghuan Road, Longhua District, Shenzhen

Skype: zhengte.pcb

R&D Team

  • PCB Fabrication

    R&D Profile

    Zhengte Electronics is committed to investing in R&D to create competitive products and solutions

    To meet the needs of our customers, we focus on continuous...
  • pcb manufacturer china

    Test Centre

    PCB Test Lab,Electronic Test,AOI

    Primarily test PCB performance ,quality. We’re completely focused and dedicated to providing our customers with exceptional service...
  • Multilayer PCB Manufacturer

    Manufacturing PCB

    Double Side PCB,Multilayer PCB, Rigid PCB, Flexible PCB

    Zhengte Electronics is a manufacturer and service provider for Printed Circuit Board ...


Flexiable PCB Manufacturer

PCBA Supplier

Zhengte Electronics Company is a electronic manufacturer specialising in PCB production,PCB assembly ,as well as PCB design . As a manufacturer of PCB Assembly and Multilayer PCB, our factory implement most advanced equipment, professional technology & knowledge. Established in 2007 and has expanded to become a multi-skilled, modern electronic manufacturer. Our knowledge and expertise in Printed Circuit Board fabrication allows us to offer any requirement throughout the technology and volume range. Double sided to 18 Layers / Controlled Impedance / Metal Backed PCB’s for High Power LED Applications. Flexible / Flex Rigid PCBs / RF / Microwave Circuits / High Temperature Circuits.And our PCB assembly manufacture department maintains a very high standard of through hole assembly ....
PCB Production Equipment
  • PCB CNC Drilling CNC Drilling
  • PCB Beam Raster Beam Raster
  • PCB Pattern Plating Pattern Plating
  • PCB Gold Immersion Gold Immersion
  • PCB Tin Oxidization Tin Oxidization
  • PCB Brown Oxidization Brown Oxidization